NSE Services

NSE clients' are business families who are looking to, improve the performance of their business, create healthy and strong family relationships and build the next generation of leaders. Family businesses have a unique advantage and challenge in ensuring that family members thrive in both the family and the business environment. Our role as “business and family” coaches is to assist the family in developing communication and governance strategies that ensure that each family member finds their safe space**, and from there, learns to contribute positively to both the family and the business. NSE partners with Veritage Family Office, (an established family business coaching organization), leveraging the methodologies and their global connections.

The primary services that NSE offers are support in developing, governance, next generation leaders, facilitating family meetings, and individual coaching. 

Individual coaching is the foundation to the success of the other services. 

NSE is here to serve you, regardless of your location. We meet you, exactly where you are!

Individual coaching - who are you, really?

Family meetings - knowledge sharing & discussion

Governance creation / Family Charter

Transition / Gift of generations

Please visit Veritage for more details:  **  https://veritage.ca


"The greatest component of a family of wealth is the family itself" - Veritage core belief

Five Principles of Good Governance: Legitimacy & Voice, Direction, Performance, Accountability, Fairness (United Nations Development Program) 

How engaged / invested are we in the pursuit of happiness of those we love? Do we know their goals, passions & dreams?

We believe that people are fundamentally good and that everyone wants 3 things: 

  1. To feel Safe
  2. To feel like we belong / we are part of something
  3. To feel like our life matters; work hard, earn our own way & take care of those we love

Legacy - a world that has been impacted and touched by my presence, my joy, and my positive actions

About Us


Gerald Eefting

Gerald is passionate about helping families and individuals who are looking to, improve the performance of their business, create healthy and strong family relationships and build the next generation of leaders! Gerald leverages his personable and supportive spirit to develop trusted, respected and highly valued relationships with his clients. He is skilled in implementing individual, relevant solutions.

Gerald considers it a privilege to serve his clients.

Gerald utilizes the proven Veritage Family office methodology to shape strong family governance, while ensuring that each participant has a voice through the process. He listens with the purpose of understanding the client needs and goals; then works collaboratively through the process to develop the optimal plan.

Gerald is a professional Coach Certified with CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and is a trained coach with Veritage Family Office. He is focused on increasing family, business agreement through training, professional coaching, facilitation and speaking engagements. Gerald presents fun and interactive sessions and workshops.

Gerald has over 30 years of business, leadership & management experience and has had opportunity to witness many diverse organizational cultures. He has worked within a family business and understands the daily challenges and rewards. By combining Gerald’s business foundation, personal experiences, along with his leadership, coaching & DISC Personality skills, he brings a unique quality to each engagement.

Gerald’s passion for family businesses starts with his own commitment to family. With his wife Judith, they have successfully blended their family of 6. This has lead to a willingness to give back and help Blended Families walk through their journey.

  • Veritage trained coach
  • CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach - Coaches Training Institute)
  • Certified Human Behavioral Consultant with Personality Insights utilizing the DISC Model
  • Change Management Certification (Prosci Change Management)